About Us

Peter Kirk Elementary's history began in a little one-room schoolhouse on First Street in Kirkland. In 1890, Central School was built on Bold (First) Street and included both high school and lower grades. In 1935, the school was rebuilt and the new building housed the school until 1969. That site is now the Kirkland City Hall.

In 1975, Peter Kirk Elementary opened in its present location and joined the students from Central School and Norkirk Elementary (previously located on the site of the current Kirkland Middle School)*

Peter Kirk Building Ground BreakingIn 2018, Peter Kirk Elementary broke ground for a new building, opening September 2019.

*from Our Foundering Fathers (p.52) and LWSD History of Our Schools.

School Song

We're from Peter Kirk
And we want you to know
We're the best in the west, yes siree.
We protect our school.
We think that's cool.
It makes it a great place to be.
We don't cheat or fight
And we do what is right.
For an Eagle knows how to work.
If someone asks
we let them know that
we're glad that we go to Peter Kirk.
Peter Kirk!