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Welcome Kirk students and parents!  I created this page just for you!  Hopefully it will help your family’s emotional well being during this challenging time of COVID 19.  Each student lesson, activity and parent resource are created to support us during this unusual time.  In a time of information overload, I'm trying to keep it simple and will offer the following categories:
•    Classroom Guidance Lessons that can be done at home.
•    Parenting Articles and Resources.
•    Phoebe June Bug's Turtle Flo Moments. (Mindfulness activities for students)

This is your place to come to find help with the 
Emotional Well Being of your whole family!

Periodically, I will add more information as I come across it and think it would be helpful to students and families.  I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to email me at

Let me know what resources you need. What are you struggling with?  What are your biggest challenges as we tumble into this new norm?  How can I provide support while we are away from school?


    Classroom Lessons for Students

 While we were in school, I taught weekly lessons to students to support their social emotional development.  These lessons are still available!  Click below to access a lesson.  I will be providing one lesson per week.  

Mrs. Miller's Bucket of Summer Fun


COVID Time Capsule; sharing your story!
Grades K-5 Lesson


Talk it Out Bucket

Grades K-5 lesson     Video 

 Fun Activities to Spread Some Kindness!

  Grades K-5 Lesson      Video


  Creating a Calm Down Spot at Home
Grades K-5 Lesson   


Using Our Turtle Thoughts To Help Us Calm

K-2 Lesson      3-5 Lesson


Bugs and Wishes

K-5 lesson

*Please note, hoping to have my weekly parenting article coincide with my weekly Classroom Lesson

    Great Parenting Blogs and Resources

Click below to find one of my articles on parenting during COVID:

Mistakes as an opportunity for compassion

 Connection, Connection, Connection; when our families need it most!

Putting It All Together 

“Good Enough”;  When life is overwhelming, practice a little bit of Self Care.

Sibling Conflict; Can any good come of this?  Building more peaceful homes when we step out of our children’s conflicts and empowering them to solve them!

Did You Hear Me?

 A Dozen Family Fun Feeling Activities

Beginning the Almost Perfect Spring Break

When Life is Changing Quickly, Try a Routine

Is that My Hoop?”:   Self-care, staying in the moment, finding our calm/”Turtle Flo”, supporting us as parents

Keeping your Calm in COVID 19”:  Flipping your lid, finding your calm, modeling this for children.

Sarina Behar Natkin, a local parent coach, speaker and author, has a wonderful all-inclusive webinar with tips on talking with kids about COVID 19, creating routines, working together as a family to solve daily issues, parent self-care and sibling conflict.  Her work is based on “Positive Discipline”. Check it out here.

Some other Blogs and websites:  Parenting blog   Parenting blog and webinars  Positive Discipline website  Former Therapist and parent educator with short NPR radio podcasts on many parenting topics

Students! Read about Phoebe June Bug’s Turtle Flo Moments!
I have a dog named Phoebe…. her full name is “Phoebe June Bug”.  
She is very sweet and loves her family,     other dogs and walks to the park. 
Phoebe has lots of worries.  She wasn't treated very well by her first owners.  She really wants to be brave, but sometimes her "Feeling Fred" takes over her brain and her body won't let her show her courage.  So, we practice many things that take courage.  Hearing a loud sound but walking by that sound anyway.  Greeting new people who come to our house.  Walking into rooms in our house that she isn't used to.  Even taking a walk through a new neighborhood. 
Each day Phoebe grows her “Turtle Flo” and exercises her Calming Carl part of her brain.  We help her exercise her Calming Carl by always using a gentle voice, standing close to her when she needs some courage and just plain loving her!  She is so happy right now to have my son home from College and me and my husband spending our days with her.  But, she does miss my daughter who is still away at college.
Tell me about your pet, or maybe a favorite stuffy!  How does your pet or your stuffy help YOU with your "Turtle Flo”? 


Here are some other ideas for practicing your “Turtle Flo”!
Go Noodle has some great ways to practice “Turtle Flo”.
If you are in Kindergarten, first or second grade, you might recognize the one titled "From Mindless to Mindful".  We did it earlier this year!

I miss you all!  Be sure to email me with your questions and needs.  Encourage your children to email me and share with me what they learned during their “Classroom Lesson” or to share their work or just to share a struggle or a  “Turtle Flo” moment!