Welcome to the Music Program at Peter Kirk Elementary!

Our main goal as an elementary music program is to promote a supportive community, gain positive exposure to music and the arts, and provide students with opportunities of creative musical exploration. Through music, we explore our unique talents and develop skill growth through singing, dancing, music reading, and instrument playing. We aim for all students to develop an open-minded appreciation for a diverse realm of musical genres, traditions, cultures, and hope for our students to be lifelong musicians and music appreciation. -Sadie Quinsaat

Sadie is a graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Music and Music Education with a focus on vocal music. She hopes to engage all students in sharing her love for music and music performance, as well as her appreciation for choral music, musical theater, and a plethora of musical traditions from around the world. She is a lifelong performer and musician, performing in choirs over 10 years and is an enthusiastic educator focused on creating positive environments to foster growth.