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 Math Games

  • Buzz

    How to Play:

    Players get into a circle and begin counting in sequence (great dinner-time game).

    Play goes around to the left. Each player shouts out one number when it's her turn.

    If a multiple of 7 comes up, or a number with a 7 in it, that number has to be replaced with "buzz!"

    Example, "4", "5", "6", "buzz!" "8", etc. The next numbers to be buzzed are 14, 17, 21, 27, 28.

    When play reaches the numbers in the 70's, all of these are buzzed.

    And, any numbers, such as 70 and 77, which are multiples of 7 and have a 7 in it are "double buzzes".

    This is very fast paced.

    If a player takes too long, misses buzzing, or buzzes at a wrong place, he is penalized, and you start over by a player calling out "one".

  • Salute

    Multiplication Salute, 3 players

    Materials:  deck of playing card with kings and jacks removed (ace = 1, queen = 0)

    How to Play: 

    Determine which of the three students will be the leader for the first draw.  This player takes the deck (facedown) and hands each of the other to players a card.  Without looking at the card, the two placers place the cards on tehri foreheads facing outward, so the others can see it.  The leader states the product of the two cards. The other two players much each determine the value of the cards on their forehead, based on hearing the product and seeing one factor.  Both players share how they determined their number.  Rotate so that one of the other players is now the leader.  Continue until the deck is gone. 

  • Factors and Products

  • Time to Multiply

Online Games

Additional Resources:  As with all digital resources, parent supervision is recommended.  Please review Terms of Use and Privacy Policies to understand what information is collected and how it is used. 

Coloring Squared:  Generate coloring sheets.  Students complete a math problem and color the square that holds the corresponding answer.  Does not require an account.

Math Facts Basketball:  Does not require an account. 

Chalkboard Math:  Application that provides practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  There are two modes; answer mode and flash card mode.  Available in the App store

Sushi Monster:  There are 12 levels of play, 7 for addition and 5 for multiplication. This app is free.  A free math website with a variety of math games.  Requires an account.


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